Banned on Quora: Ask Rima Najjar on WordPress!


“Most probably, someone who doesn’t like what you write on Quora has made a complain, and the complain was heard.

One must add that searching Quora with ‘Rima Najjar’ brings some comments about your contributions, all very positive and welcoming.”


Author: mypalestinianscrapbook

I am an activist for justice in Palestine, researcher and retired professor of English literature at Al-Quds University in the occupied West Bank, Palestine.  My father’s side of the family comes from the forcibly depopulated village of Lifta on the western outskirts of Jerusalem and my mother's family is from the depopulated village of Ijzim, Haifa.  

3 thoughts on “Banned on Quora: Ask Rima Najjar on WordPress!”

  1. Cannot have you banned, I and many others rely on your news reporting and analysis. Maybe Quora is being hacked??


  2. Highly recommended, Rima is a brilliant source of reliable information on Palestine and has impeccable credentials on the subject.


  3. Ridiculous. We will fight this injustice. Quora better get their act together. I’ll spread the word about their horrendous bias.


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