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I have started this blog in response to being banned from Quora, a social network Question/Answer internet presence that spews out hasbara misinformation on Palestine/Israel/Zionism, while at the same time belligerently “voting down” and “collapsing” answers that try to shift the reigning paradigm on the struggle for liberation in Palestine – i.e, the paradigm that limits any possibility of resolution to the ‘two-state solution’, the refusal, as Donna Nevel puts it, to acknowledge Zionism, and therefore Israel, as illegitimate from the beginning of its existence.

A lot of dirty tricks are going on at Quora, designed to muzzle speech on Palestine, starting with their policy of defining anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism, and removing “topics” such as “Zionism” related to a question and adding instead “Jewish ethnicities and culture.”  The most galling thing about this site is that it passes itself as a trustworthy conduit of information on the internet and a place to increase “knowledge” in the world.  This may be true about the site, except of course when it comes to Palestine, the big exception to free speech around the world.

I had put a lot of effort in answering questions on Quora, because I wanted, even if in a small way, to counteract Quora’s flood of misinformation about Israel.  The Zionist Jewish entity, as Ramzy Baroud expressed it in a brilliant piece on Aljazeera recently, has been “distracting from history – or the current reality of the horrific occupation of Palestine” for nearly 70 years.

“Incapable of sustaining its founding myths, yet unable to offer an alternative, the Israeli government is now using coercive measures to respond to the budding movement [of pushing for a paradigm shift in order to understand the roots of the conflict in Palestine]: punishing those who insist on commemorating the Nakba, fining organisations that participate in such events and even perceiving as traitors any Jewish individuals and groups that deviate from its official thinking.”

In the belief that submitting to censorship leaves the world distorted, I invite you to ask questions here and I will answer them here and host guests who will answer questions as well.  This blog will be the place where we can say, “The emperor has no clothes.”

Author: mypalestinianscrapbook

I am an activist for justice in Palestine, researcher and retired professor of English literature at Al-Quds University in the occupied West Bank, Palestine.  My father’s side of the family comes from the forcibly depopulated village of Lifta on the western outskirts of Jerusalem and my mother's family is from the depopulated village of Ijzim, Haifa.  

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